Ipsa Gupta


June 2017

Review: Matrikas ft. Woman’s Journals


“Scribble your heart away” with newly launched Matrikas woman’s journal.  Continue reading “Review: Matrikas ft. Woman’s Journals”

Review: Cello Marky


Tired of seeing everything boring around you? Well, for all the creative people out there, this one is a boon in your life. Trust me.  Continue reading “Review: Cello Marky”

Dressing up for simple occasions( ft. What I wore)


This week, let’s talk about the struggle we go through to decide what to wear on simpler occasions; while not being over-dressed.   Continue reading “Dressing up for simple occasions( ft. What I wore)”

Review: Juicy Chemistry


Your body’s one stop solution to living naturally pretty and healthy! Click to know where can find these products.  Continue reading “Review: Juicy Chemistry”

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