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What I learnt at my first Bloggers meet ft. So Delhi’s bloggers meet’17


The “So Delhi Confluence” is one event every blogger looks out for each year. For me, it was the first time to attend this one most exclusive event in town. Continue reading “What I learnt at my first Bloggers meet ft. So Delhi’s bloggers meet’17”


Perfume selfie with Perfumebooth


Tired of using your same old boring perfume? Well, this innovative concept let’s you use 7 different fragrances for each day of your week, in just the price of one!!!

Continue reading “Perfume selfie with Perfumebooth”

10 reasons to try something new!


Do you have a little corner in your brain were you put away items labeled as “Won’t look good”? Because I do. A lot! And it’s time to let go off them, one by one.Β  Continue reading “10 reasons to try something new!”

Review: Instaglam


We all love shopping online. Instagram is one of the leading platforms for sellers and buyers. Instaglam is one such amazing seller for your grooming needs.

Continue reading “Review: Instaglam”

My first try: Paint a t-shirt (D.I.Y)


Do you desire to wear something unique? Or wanted a specific print for an event but couldn’t find one? Why not create your own!!??? πŸ˜€ Continue reading “My first try: Paint a t-shirt (D.I.Y)”

The souled store


Looking for a brand which offers you immense happiness and touches your soul through design? Well, here’s for you: The Souled store!! πŸ˜€ Continue reading “The souled store”

My first try: Palazzo pants


All Β the lovely people, how did June treat you? This year is sliding so fast!Β Β I’veΒ been quite busy lately but I always try to Β share my looks with you guys. This is the first time I wore palazzo pants; well, because I designed and stitched this pair myself.Β  Continue reading “My first try: Palazzo pants”

One thing I am always going to carry with me whenever I leave home is this sanitizer from @peesafe !

Did you know that more than 150 million women suffer from UTI every year and more than 75% get UTI from unhygienic toilet seats? PeeSafe is a toilet sanitizer spray,easy to carry and use and kills 99.9% germs from the toilet seat leaving behind the fragrance.

Then why take a chance ladies? Always be ready with PeeSafe!! ❀

Buy them from ΒΒ 


Review: Matrikas ft. Woman’s Journals


“Scribble your heart away” with newly launched Matrikas woman’s journal.Β  Continue reading “Review: Matrikas ft. Woman’s Journals”

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